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He holds a Black Belt in Karate. He is a Silver medalist in International level and he is 20 times National medalist.


  • We are pleased to present ourselves as the "HITOSHI SHITO-RYU KARATE-DO INDIA" recognized by the Karate India Organization. For the past thirty years our students have won many laurels in the State, National & International arena. More than 20 students placed in Medical & Engineering colleges through sports quota. More than 5 students got Winner Scholarship awarded by Sports Authority of India. Being a pioneer in this sport, we have branches in all over India. We impart Karate techniques in Schools, Colleges & etc.

  • Every year we conduct karate competition exclusively for the school students besides conducting coaching camp by National and International Karate experts to enrich the latest developments and also to spread the awareness of karate as the most efficient vehicle to achieve humility,   self- confidence & perseverance. Karate as a sport to maintain physical fitness to control obesity, feeling of well being to control cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, to cultivate              self- discipline and also to defend our self through this martial art par-excellence.

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Beginners Martial Arts Class

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No.10, Periyar Street Paavendhar Nagar
Rangapuram, Sathuvachari,
Vellore - 632009, Tamil Nadu, India.

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